Web Site Services & Customizatiom

Service addition to my business.

Over the past 2-3 years I have been commissioned to create web sites for three different entities. My approach has been to direct each client to a provider of web site templates for a variety of different industries. Templates run from free (with extenuating criteria) to about $125. This is a one time cost and the client then owns the code and can host it wherever they decide or with the same template provider, who also does hosting.

Once the template is available, I go to work customizing it to my clients specifications. If photos are needed, I can use any of my photos or use the clients photos, or a combination of both. The client provides me with whatever textual material that is needed for the various site pages. Additional pages can be added as needed. Having the basic structure of the site predefined and coded makes the customization process go much smoother and completion much quicker. Here are the sites I have completed.

Racine Lighthouse and Maritime Preservation Society

Go Wisconsin Lighthouses

Jim Charnon Photography

I also completed one other site which was lavenderrosellc.com, a French soap and accessories web site, which has sense ceased operating and their site taken off line.

My rate is very attractive and much less than you would pay elsewhere. If you or anyone you know may be interested in putting up a web site for their business, gallery, hobby or whatever, I can be contacted here.